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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workers Compensation Claims for Stress On the Job

Workers Compensation Claims for Stress On the Job

Many workers’ who suffer from an on the job injury experience post-traumatic stress disorder or other stress that affects the workers’ health in addition to the initial physical injury.  It is important if your physician has diagnosed you with stress that you make that part of your claim for benefits, as well.  For example, if a worker is assaulted on the job resulting in physical injuries, but also has been diagnosed with stress or other emotional conditions based on the attack, the worker should  add that condition as part of the worker’ compensation claim and actually list the condition as an additional injury, i.e. stress on the claim form.  It is important if you have difficulty sleeping, flashbacks or other emotional problems as a result of an injury that you discuss those symptoms with a physician so that the symptoms can be documented in your medical file. This will be important in determining if you have a stress related medical condition that may be compensable under the workers’ compensation laws.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSD) is a very real condition that can affect someone who has suffered a traumatic injury or event.  PTSD can develop after a terrifying ordeal that involved harm or injury. Anyone can suffer PTSD at any age and it can include survivors of physical assault, accidents, disasters and many other serious events.  The National Institute of Mental Health discusses this condition on its website.

If you have been injured at work or also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, you should consult an attorney to ensure your rights are protected.