Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Teachers

Teachers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for school related injuries.  Teachers can be injured  at work just like other workers, and public school teachers in North Carolina are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when injured on the job.  As a public employee, the teacher also may be a part of the Teachers’ and State Employee’s retirement system depending on certain service and age requirements are met. see http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/district-humanresources/key-information/information/policymanual.pdf

If you are vested in the state retirement system, but cannot return to work due to a work injury you should consult an experienced attorney to advise you of your rights.


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  2. Attention:

    We wish to inform you officially that Compensation in the transmission of your long over due funds due to the delay to you was granted and was not transferred. For further information please contact the Payment officer with the reference code {PODFT / 2395/16}

    Dr. Ruben Thomson
    payment officer
    UNCC Compensation / Benefits Grants
    E-mail: uncc-payoutdesk@outlook.com

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